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Tustin Adult School operates on the philosophy allowing students to begin as soon as possible by way of using Open-Enrollment. Open-enrollment allows students to start classes and programs without waiting until the next session/semester.  Tustin Adult School's Open-Enrollment is for the first six weeks after a semester has started for fall and spring.   For Summer School, the Open-Enrollment period is the first week of the session.  

All students enrolling must be at least 18 years old at the time of enrollment.   

Some programs require pre-assessment(s) to identify the appropriate course level a student should begin, as well as, a meeting with the guidance counselor. In addition, there are occasionally exceptions to the open-enrollment policy. These exceptions will be advertised are generally in place to avoid discouraging student success.

Please view the Programs page for important details of our classes and resources offered. You are also welcome to contact the office for further assistance, schedule an appointment to meet with the guidance counselor, etc. by calling (714) 730-7395.


To register for classes, please complete the online registration form found on the Tustin Adult School Home PageOnce you have completed the registration form, Tustin Adult School will send you a link to schedule an orientation and assessment appointment.   This appointment could take up to an hour and 45 minutes.   At the appointment, after you have completed CASAS testing, you will be able enroll into the appropriate class.   Registration must be completed online and you will need an active email address to register. 

For more information about registration, location of classes and meeting dates and times, please review all information on our site or call the office at (714) 730-7395.

Please note: Students are welcome to register after school begins. Call the office for more information.