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Program Description

There are many reasons to take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes from communicate with others to getting a job.  Our classes are designed to help support those reasons.  We have classes at various levels to help you improve your English.     All classes focus on teaching grammar, reading, listening comprehension,  writing and vocabulary.    Learn and practice your English language skills with our various ESL courses, including pronunciation, vocabulary and computers.  Prepare for the US Citizenship process and examinations.

Registration Process

To register for classes, please complete the online registration form on our main pageOnce you have completed the registration form, Tustin Adult School will send you a link to schedule an orientation and assessment appointment.   This appointment could take up to an hour and 45 minutes.   At the appointment, after you have completed CASAS testing, you will be able enroll into the appropriate class.   Registration must be completed online and you will need an active email address to register.    

Please note: Students are welcome to register after school begins.  Don't wait until the next semester to begin. Call the office today for more information.


Class/Course Information

Beginning Literacy Basic ESL-Introduction class for those new to the county or studying the English Language needing support in developing literacy skills and vocabulary development.

Beginning ESL-Class for those who have basic English language skills who want to develop grammar, reading, listening comprehension and vocabulary.

Intermediate ESL-Class for those who have strong basic skills in English who will further develop those skills while incorporating writing skills.

Advanced ESL-Class for those who have understanding of English language and will work on higher level grammar, reading and writing skills to support bridging into secondary education or perusing better employment. 

Conversation Class-Beginning and Intermediate classes are offered to support an individual in communicating in various situations.   

Pronunciation Class-Designed to help improve your accent as you learn the various ways letter combinations (graphemes) sound when written together.     

VESL: Vocational ESL Computer & Literacy-Class to develop English while working on beginning computer skills and literacy.